• Where is it in the constitution?
  • No link: I worked; I must be paid.
  • Man is getting deeper and deeper into dungeons of wickedness.
  • You can’t put a policy to climb on my freedom as a person.
  • Your rain of favour is just starting to fall.
  • You will hit strange surprises.

There is nothing mystical or magical about miracles, they are simply confirmation of our obedience of faith to the Word of God, “working with them, confirming the Word with signs following.” There is nothing mystical, there is nothing magical about miracles. They are simply confirmations of our obedience of faith to the Word. It’s impossible to seek God’s Kingdom first and not flow in favour. I have proved Him, I’ve found Him so. People may change, the earth may be moved but Jesus will never change. It is impossible to make God’s Kingdom your priority for living and not flow in favour.
“Seek ye first My Kingdom and all these things that others are dying to get shall be added to you” -Matthew 6:33
Let’s stop crying to God, we are not weeping babies. Let’s take responsibility.
-You are not permitted to experience what you don’t believe, “as many as received Him, He gave power to become the sons of God” (Acts 1:8). As many as believed on His name. You receive and believe and you are empowered to become what you received and believed.
-In this Turnaround Year, something just must turn.
-You must start seeing God from the correct perspective.
Followed up 30 souls, favour followed him, in confirmation of His Word (documented testimony). Followed up 30 souls to the point of establishment my friend. One can wear a title for 50 years and not experience a change. One can be ‘title-less’, in 3 months and he is a surprise to everybody around him. It depends on how well we position ourselves. I have see God confirm His Word over and again in the lives of people that don’t look like it but their obedience make them to be it.
-Every of your engagement all through this Operation must culminate in favour.
-Whatever switch remains to be turned, may you receive grace to turn it today.
-May you receive grace to pray for each of your converts and contacts like never before today.
-May you make passionate calls. Grace to make passionate calls, send passionate SMS to these precious souls in your quest to see them established in the faith, may that grace be granted you today.

Stop watching, no spectator wins any prize in any contest. Only runners do.
May the runners’ grace come upon your life in this last bit. Prizes are awarded at the end of every race.
It’s not what you preach, it’s what you do that changes your life.
It’s not what you know, it is what you do with what you know that brings about the change you desire.
-No one will miss his place.
-In this last bit, somebody’s story will just change.
At the last time of dipping himself in Jordan, every form of leprosy cleared off.
-On this last day, your last major step, your last great step of faith will bring about a massive change.

Lord, speak to everyone this morning. Lord, drop my Word today, let it change my world altogether in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father. I want to hear from You today (Luke 21:38). I want to hear directly from You today, so help me Lord to be sensitive. Open my ears to hear from You and let Your Word change my story altogether. In Jesus precious name.

It’s not this week, it is tomorrow. It is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church tomorrow. Amen. That Ushers, Security, Crowd Control will be under pressure, looking for where to place people. It’s no big deal, He has done it before.
“And the next sabbath which is tomorrow, almost the whole city came together to hear the Word of God”- Acts 13:44.
John 6:37
Whosoever the Father has given Me, no one can pluck out of my hand: so as they come, they will settle. As they settle, He will settle them. As they settle with Him, He will settle them. He will settle all areas of their lives in the name of Jesus Christ.
We must engage our faith in God of all possibilities to see any divine mandate delivered. It doesn’t come through on its own. Certain forces must be in place for any divine agenda to be delivered and among those forces is the force of faith. Faith in the God of all possibilities, “I am the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:17).
Is there anything too hard for Me? Nothing is too hard for our God but if thou can believe all things are possible to him that believeth (Mark 9:23). It takes faith to see any divine agenda delivered.
“How shall we work the works of God?”, they asked Jesus and He said, “the work of God is to believe.” You can’t work the work of God without faith in God who alone can deliver His agenda. No one can work the work of God by Himself (John 6: 28-29). We can’t work the work of God without God at work, without getting God to be at work.
1 Kings 8:15 – it takes the hand of God to deliver the plan of God on the earth; it takes faith to pull the hand of God (Isaiah 53:1).
When God said, “I, the God of Wonder Double is visiting you”: I received it and believed it; we took steps to prove that we believed Him and He stepped in to start changing stories at such frequency I never knew all my life. I’ve always known miracles but I never knew how much more there is that I didn’t know until we welcomed the God of Wonder Double and we began to administer addiction to Kingdom promotion endeavours. People who believed began to run with it and things began to change for them.
Can I tell how many are now on international jobs around the world? From this place.
And how many are earning in hard currencies in this country today!
Amazing things. There is no prayer of a prophet that can make that happen, it’s our obedience of faith that changes our stories and it is one thing that will continue till the end of life, it will continue till the end of life. “Occupy till I come”, it’s a lifelong task (Luke 19:13). Every demand of scriptures is for a lifetime.
“Occupy till I come”
And then He comes again and again to change the stories of those who are occupying (Luke 19:17). Then He changes your story, He goes and comes back again, “occupy. Now stay occupied till I come for you. Meanwhile I will be coming to change your story in the process”; that is what He is doing.
Our faith in God whose hand alone can deliver His task is very fundamental to see this thing happen.
-What we will see tomorrow will be by the hand of God.
Thank God for all of our going out, it is required to prove that we believe Him. Church Gist. Thank God for all of our prayers, it is required to prove that we believe in His agenda, but it will require His hand to deliver His plan. So we are going to see the raw hand of God in action tomorrow.
How many believe that? Let your Amen show that you do.
Now give that Amen a warrior’s tone. Let it emit your confidence in God who can deliver anything.

Anything we ask God believing is binding on God to deliver particularly when it is about His Kingdom. It is important for us to strengthen our faith in this fact.
Why are we running this hard as a Church worldwide? Our newest Churches are running the way we are running now in every village, in every settlement, in every hamlet.
When we ask anything according to His will, we know He hears us (1 John 5:14-15).

  1. This is the will of God (John 12:32).
    “…I will draw all men unto Myself” – so Jesus died on the cross, to draw all men, not most men, not many men, ALL men unto Himself.
  2. We know that His will is that all men be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). “…and to come to the knowledge of the truth as made available in Church.” He wants all men to be saved, that is His will.
    2 Peter 3:9 – “He doesn’t want any to perish but that all should come to repentance.” He wants all men saved, He doesn’t want anyone to perish but that all should come to repentance. We heard Jesus say, “fear not little flock. It is your Father’s good pleasure to empower you to take over kingdoms”: so He wants His Church to take over kingdoms on the earth (Luke 12:32).
    That’s how your Church started, little flock: 4 people with 1 not very stable which I call 3 and a half; then we began to grow: little flock!!!
    “What are these fellows doing there? Hehnn, it is a Church, what kind of Church?”
    Living Faith World Outreach
    Response: Heyy, ‘World Outreach’, at this corner? This people can deceive themselves.
    Little flock!! It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom (Luke 12:32). Little flock!! That is His dream concerning His Church. He wants His Church to become territory takers: take over kingdoms, take over nations; rule the world, that is the meaning. That is His will.

Micah 4:1-2 – God has an agenda of influx.
“He will teach us His way”- because they are confused, they don’t know what next to do.
I have never seen a generation where you force people to take vaccines. It is inhuman, it is immoral sir, I’m not a Lawyer but I don’t think it is legal.
You can’t come to my house and want to give me injection.
On what? Did I invite you? They are confused. But the Church has the answer.
Did you see any outbreak of virus here? How will it enter the gate? Will it come through the air? How?
Jesus rules in the 3 worlds: on earth, in the skies, underneath the earth.
They are confused. It is immoral Sir.
One woman just got down after that injection in Kaduna. What kind of life? Are human beings now turned to guinea pigs?
The world is confused but the Church is lighted. So the triumph of the Church will humble the pride of the world. They don’t know what to do Sir.
In the last days, the Church will be reigning in power and glory. That is God’s agenda.
“Teach us His ways, we will work in His path. We can see it working out there!”
No apologies. There is a big big bird in our land, saying “don’t take it, they are deceivers.”
Somebody is now saying… see what?
Let me see someone who will come and inject me. By who? Are you going to tie my hands. How? Did I invite you?
I know you are quiet, you will hear more of it.
My job is to expose the devil and tell his agents “get off, we are not guinea pigs.”
It doesn’t have to be white to be right. Stop that.
The last days, the reigning days of the Church.
“All this agenda: don’t go to Church” – it is a demonic agenda Sir. But they saw it and folded their hands. Thank You Jesus.
That is God’s agenda for the last days. Repeated verbatim in Isaiah chapter 2 verses 2 and 3. These are prophets in 2 different ages. We are there.
There is nothing man can do to stop God’s agenda on the earth. Until you can stop the day and the night from exchanging position; alter the place of the moon and the sun, you can’t alter heaven’s agenda (Jeremiah 33:20). You fight against God, you are crushed. Nobody survives it. Thank You Jesus.

One of the torments of the devil in these last days is God’s agenda for building high palaces across the nations (Psalm 78:68-69).
You can’t put a policy to climb on my freedom as a person. You can’t. No right to, no moral right to.
“He built His sanctuary like High Palaces”- not just one, High Palaces. Watch, these last days, there will be an outbreak of the spread of High Palaces across the nations of the earth including strong anti-Christ nations and those great agents will flow into Church, bow their knees to Jesus because at His name, every knee shall bow (Philippians 2:9). Thank You Jesus.

So we know the will of God: to have all men saved and come to the knowledge of God which He makes available in Church (1 Timothy 2:4). That is our task.
Jeremiah 3:15-16.
They shall become the news of the nations: that is where we are going. Praise the Lord!

Praying for salvation of souls, praying for impactful soul winning endeavours, praying for continuous Church growth is praying the will of God; that is where we are and it is a life long task.
Receive grace to stay on.

We believe it is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church tomorrow Sunday. The Prophet said, “this time tomorrow”
2 Kings 7:1
The Prophet said, “this time tomorrow, there shall be a dramatic turnaround. The famine will disappear as if it never existed. This time tomorrow.”
And one intellectual said, “even if God opens the windows of Heaven, shall this thing be” (2 Kings 7:2).
He said, “who talked there? Your eyes will see it but you won’t taste of it. King, bye bye.”
And so it fell on that day. 24 hours after, the Heavens opened up. Thank You Jesus.
And the Word of the Lord came to pass.
-Tomorrow, the Word of the Lord shall come to pass in our midst.
Let me hear your loudest Amen.

What is in all this for me? Unending flow of Heaven’s favour that makes men and women to stand out on the earth.
Psalm 102:13-15
“Therefore, I will unleash on them fearful favour that will make kings of the earth to fear”
-Watch, your rain of favour is just starting to fall.
-You will hit strange surprises.
-This Church and her members will be visited with the God of strange acts and strange works.
-He is turning everyone’s mourning into dancing.
-His favour is repositioning you into places where 50 years of labour cannot accomplish.
-His favour will settle you maritally. It will settle you professionally. It will settle you in your career. It will settle your home with peace.
-His favour is multi-faceted. Whatever His favour delivers will begin to manifest in your life.

He has not asked the seed of Jacob to seek Him in vain.
Prayer: Thank God for the privilege of engagement. Thank God for the rain of favour reserved for you. Thank God for the rain of favour!!!
Thank God for the privilege of being in this great revival that is happening. Celebrate God and magnify Him, there is no one like Him. Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

God has His diverse strange weapons of accomplishing His purpose. For supernatural Church growth, He engages the ministry of the Lord of the Harvest through 2 main channels:
The Wind of the Spirit: the whirlwind of God that moves people uncontrollably to wherever He wants them; “then there came a wind from the Lord; brought quails from the sea and make them fall round about the camp…” (Numbers 11:31). Hallelujah. The wind that could blow quails from the sea. The wind!! Then we saw the mighty rushing wind in Acts chapter 2, we saw the effect: 3,000 people surrendered to Christ. One day, from 120 to 3,120.

Prayer: Father, release the wind of the Spirit across our harvest field of Lagos and Ota; let them draft in multitudes uncontrollably into this place tomorrow.
Wind of the Holy Ghost, blow across our harvest field as a mighty rushing wind, the whirlwind of the Lord. The whirlwind of the Lord, clearing all obstacles on the way and bringing in the quails of men in their innumerable multitudes.
Go ahead and pray. It is one of the weapons of the Father God, in accomplishing His agenda of supernatural Church growth.
Pray down the wind of the Holy Ghost, the whirlwind of God, blow across our harvest field, drafting innumerable multitudes of men and women into our Services tomorrow. In the name of Jesus.
Pray that prayer in the Spirit right now. Make it happen by your faith in your God.
O Wind of the Spirit, blow across our harvest field, drafting in quails of men and women in their innumerable multitudes. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

He also engages the weapon of noise. You know He used noise to chase away the army; brought the food into town and just fulfilled His Word.
“And then there was a sound and the multitudes gathered together in response to the sound”
Let there be a wake up alarm. You know He is going to use the trump, the trumpet to gather multitudes at the end of time, so He has a trumpet with Him.
Prayer: Holy Ghost, blow your trumpet across our harvest field and gather multitudes irresistibly into our Services tomorrow.
Go ahead and pray. They shall gather together and come with speed swiftly.
Holy Ghost, let your wake up alarm sound across our harvest field. Sound the massive ingathering alarm across our harvest field. Let the compelling sound of the Holy Ghost go across our harvest field of Lagos and Ota, gathering multitudes without number.
In the name of Jesus, we have prayed!

He also has the weapon of His sickles which represent our tracts and fliers. Let your breath come heavy upon every single flier and tract that is gone out since this Operation began; let them bring about convictions, resulting in conversions, massive ingathering of souls into Church tomorrow. Go ahead and pray.
Prayer: Breathe upon our sickles of harvest, our fliers, our tracts, drafting in multitudes into all our Services tomorrow, according to Your Word. Turn all our tracts and fliers to sharp sickles of harvest, irresistible sickles of harvest. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Now listen to me, if anybody saw that story from Kaduna State and he is an official, he won’t let anybody inject his children.
“Let’s watch this thing first” – We need a heart for human life! In a system that is sensitive to the needs of mankind, they will stop that immediately.
“Let’s observe and see what is happening.”
I hope there is no agenda to deplete the population of this Nation. I hope there is no global conspiracy against humanity.
Lord, save and deliver mankind from the hands of the wicked wherever they may be gathered.
Go ahead and pray.
Prayer: Save and preserve mankind from the hand of the wicked.
Pray it violently my friend. Pray it aloud, pray it well.
Save and deliver mankind from the hand of the wicked wherever they may be. Save and deliver.
Pray that prayer. Save and deliver mankind from every conspiracy of the wicked. Church Gist. Save and deliver humanity from the wickedness of the wicked. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
That woman said, “they told them if you don’t take the injection, you won’t have your salary.”
My God! In the constitution or where?
If you don’t take marijuana, you won’t get your salary?
“If you don’t take this poison, you won’t get your salary”
Man is getting deeper and deeper into dungeons of wickedness.
No link: I worked, I must be paid.
-Every trap of the wicked to destroy lives is over today.
Thank You Jesus.

Give God thanks for making today one of the best days of your life, in your spiritual engagement.
Thank God for making today one of your best days in your walk with God.
Ask God for undying passion. Somebody will get his 4 souls today, straight on. They will gather together with him tomorrow.
Someone here will come with 10 people tomorrow. Someone with 20, someone with 30.
Pray that today will be your most spiritual, your most impactful day. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

We have water baptism this morning and the time is 7:30 in the morning. So get ready for it and all those who have not been baptized in water, please be sensitive to this instruction. It is ordained of God to establish your walk with God and walking in the newness of life. Please if you have not been (baptized), watch out for the next time we do it, twice in a month. Jesus will touch your life and settle you.

How many can see a great tomorrow here? Can I have you sing a song!
Let’s praise Him. One way to provoke the hand of God is through praise.
We have that right to do that this morning. Don’t we have the right? We have the instruction to do it.
🎼Oh Lord, we praise you. We exalt Your name.

I want you to dance your dance. Amen, Glory to God.

The Cell growth and replication agenda is on and to the glory of God we already have added 8,094 new Cells this year. Every street, every neighbourhood will have the shout, the Winners’ shout everywhere.
Jesus is Lord. Amen. Satan has lost out, shame to you devil!
-Watch out, your rain of favour is starting.
-By the close of Service tomorrow, you will start hearing news of God’s favour locating you and repositioning you.

Give God thanks.

CC: Church Gist


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